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Situated learning or indoctrination?

Lately I’ve been emailing with Bryan Meyer (@doingmath) about theories of learning and where you draw the line between learning and indoctrination. Bryan is a math educator, researcher, and radical constructivist, so when I was writing about students undergoing a

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Semiotics and the development of number sense

What is a number, really? Or to put it another way: think of the lights on a traffic light, the segments of the circle in the Mercedes-Benz logo, the beats in one measure of a waltz rhythm, the way Julius

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Thing-a-day #9: Reading notes (How do you motivate students to read?)

Like all academics, I do a lot of reading. A lot of reading. 100 pages in a day is typical. But I haven’t figured out how to make a thing-a-day of it yet, because if I don’t take notes or

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