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AAAL 2013 wrap-up: linguistic practices, professional practices

I’m just back from the AAAL conference. If you couldn’t make it and you want a sense of what went on, check out the Twitter channel. I spent most of my time going to papers from two strands, Educational Linguistics

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In which I interview an article: Silverstein on indexical order

Q. With us in the studio this evening is Michael Silverstein’s 2003 article “Indexical order and the dialectics of sociolinguistic life,” published in the journal Language and Communication, vol. 23. Now, you have a reputation as being, shall we say,

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Process and product in social theory

Reading: Cicourel, Aaron. 1993. “Aspects of structural and processual theories of knowledge.” In Calhoun, LiPuma, and Postone (Eds.), Bourdieu: critical perspectives, 89–115. University of Chicago Press. A paradox: When people interact with one another, they rely on the habits and

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A note on how I choose my projects

Quinn Norton, intrepid chronicler of our modern age, wrote A Note on How I Choose My Assignments. To summarize: she works as a freelance journalist so that she can be selective in what she writes about. Key quotes: I see

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On interdisciplinarity

I was chatting with a colleague at a party, along these lines. (Subspecialties have been changed to protect the guilty.) Colleague: I know you do discourse analysis, and I respect that, but on one level I think it’s kind of

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