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A linguistic anthropologist breaks his arm: Indexical order of an elbow brace

Wednesday evening I was biking, sideswiped by a car. Right arm broken in 2 places, immobilized. Here are a few stray observations. — Daniel Ginsberg (@NemaVeze) June 19, 2015 It’s been a week since this crash happened, which is more

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What’s an ethnographer to do?

In my last post, I wrote about ways of explaining what I do in such a way that teachers will see a purpose to it. The way I framed it was more or less like so: I do my work,

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What’s a community for?

Currently working on an ethnography of math instruction. Here’s where I’m at: I’m realizing that when I started off planning to investigate the mathematics classroom as a discourse community, that was the linguist in me talking, not the math teacher.

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Watching the detectives

Sitting in the Rathskellar at Gallaudet University, surrounded by fluent ASL conversation and understanding none of it, I reflect on the nature of the exotic in ethnographic fieldwork. Blommaert and Jie (2010) write about “rich points,” moments of amazement or

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