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Situated learning or indoctrination?

Lately I’ve been emailing with Bryan Meyer (@doingmath) about theories of learning and where you draw the line between learning and indoctrination. Bryan is a math educator, researcher, and radical constructivist, so when I was writing about students undergoing a

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The credibility gap in education research

As an education researcher, I’m trying to do work with useful applications, but at some point it’ll be up to teachers to decide if they see any value in it. Reading the comments on different internet forums, I’m starting to

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One-page dissertation proposal abstract

Background: Versions of my diss proposal: problem statement, IRB application, 3 school district requests to collect data, abstract for school district + — Daniel Ginsberg (@NemaVeze) June 26, 2013 Prepare an abstract of the proposed study that describes the study

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What’s a community for?

Currently working on an ethnography of math instruction. Here’s where I’m at: I’m realizing that when I started off planning to investigate the mathematics classroom as a discourse community, that was the linguist in me talking, not the math teacher.

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A note on how I choose my projects

Quinn Norton, intrepid chronicler of our modern age, wrote A Note on How I Choose My Assignments. To summarize: she works as a freelance journalist so that she can be selective in what she writes about. Key quotes: I see

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