Thing-a-day #18: Abstract submitted: “Voice and socialization in postsecondary students’ narrative practices”

The National Capital Area Linguistic Anthropology (NCALA) working group is having its annual workshop next week, and they’re looking for presenters. I’m working on a collaborative project with a couple of colleagues from my department, and we decided to submit it and see what response the NCALA folks give us. It’s a very laid-back kind of event – ten-minute presentations, “speed dating” format, abstracts “about 100 words” (ours is 101 plus references). Full text of the abstract after the jump.

Voice and socialization in postsecondary students’ narrative practices

Marta Baffy, Daniel Ginsberg, and Mackenzie Price (Linguistics, Georgetown University)

Students in postsecondary education are peripheral participants (Lave & Wenger 1991) in various institutional communities of practice. Through socialization to these communities, students undertake a process of identity navigation that becomes visible in their narrative practices (Bamberg 2011). We examine the use of constructed dialogue (Tannen 2007) and other social and enregistered voices (Agha 2005) by undergraduate, law, and business students, investigating how they position themselves relative to institutions and individuals they encounter in their academic and professional lives. The analysis reveals participants’ ideologies about the characteristics of good students or successful professionals, and who counts as valid members of the community.

Agha, A. (2005) Voice, footing, enregisterment. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 15(1): 38-59.
Bamberg, M. (2011) Narrative practice and identity navigation. In J. Holstein and J. Gubrium (Eds), Varieties of narrative analysis, 99-124. London: Sage.
Lave, J. and E. Wenger (1991) Situated learning: legitimate peripheral practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Tannen, D. (2007) Talking voices: repetition, dialogue and imagery in conversational discourse. Revised Edition. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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One comment on “Thing-a-day #18: Abstract submitted: “Voice and socialization in postsecondary students’ narrative practices”
  1. osmanaz says:

    Great blog & posts overall and this post captured my attention even though it is relatively old. I am also interested in socialization (int’l graduate students in particular) and I was wondering if you have the presentation for this talk or a paper. I would be interested in reading it if that was possible! 🙂

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