Thing-a-day #15: bits and pieces

A professor said to me recently that you shouldn’t think of your unproductive stretches as wasted time. Sometimes it’s like, I had to get through 25 hours of writer’s block, so having sat at my computer from 9 to 2 and done nothing, that makes five hours of writer’s block down, 20 to go.

In that spirit, today’s accomplishments:

  • Rehearsed the powerpoint I made yesterday; class presentation postponed until Thursday
  • Looked through my interview with the two math majors for instances of constructed dialogue, but didn’t find much
  • Identified a possible twitter corpus source — a list of El País journalists — registered myself as a Twitter developer so I could do authenticated searches, but so far failed to pull the names of the El País journalists from the Twitter API
  • Emailed with some colleagues about an exciting upcoming collaborative project about students talking about their learning experience and how they position themselves as newcomers to a community of practice
  • Read the agenda for the upcoming AAAL Graduate Student Committee, and added a couple of notes
  • A fair amount of tweeting and facebooking
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One comment on “Thing-a-day #15: bits and pieces
  1. A few days ago I imagined my progress on my last final paper as a diagram or as one of those family circle cartoons. Write, back to data, back to writing, read, back to writing, Read, data, writing, data, twitter, data, write, read, twitter, data, … The diagram thing kind of fell apart when I realized how little regularity there was to it. But it’s amazing how much writing and researching happens away from the data completely- while commuting, going for a walk, … Ideally, even when you’re not working, you’re working. Fortunately you work better when you spend time away from your work.

    On the social media front: I’ve really been impressed with the ability of my twitter feed to ask and answer some of the critical questions I’m mulling over.

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