Thing-a-day #7: I now have a Tumblr

What I blog about is mainly linguistics research. Recently, though, I’ve found myself reading a fair amount about higher education issues — the kleptocracy that is for-profit academic publishing, the gradual disappearance of the tenure track — and there’s been even more of it circulating in the last few days since the latest don’t-get-a-PhD rant was posted on Slate.

Well, I’m curious about the open-culture movement, interested in thoughtful approaches to technology-enhanced learning, hopeful about the promise of non-traditional academic careers, and convinced that there’s common cause to be made between academics and our teaching brothers and sisters in K-12 education. And I thought I might like a record of what I’ve read about these topics.

It’s called Who is this academy?

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2 comments on “Thing-a-day #7: I now have a Tumblr
  1. This is an interesting take to Tumblr. I had only viewed it as a photo blogging platform. But it might function, as you’re doing it, as annotated bibliography. I like it. Might follow suit–especially as dissertation time comes closer.

    I’ve been enjoying Thing-a-day. How’s your momentum? You feel it energizing or depriving you of energy?

    • Daniel says:

      The effect of Thing-a-day has been to make me work on more smaller tasks. Thing-a-day #1 was the place reference coding scheme, and I still have a bit more work to do with that, but I’ve been doing other things because I don’t want to be like “Thing-a-day #8: More place reference coding.” That’s not interesting blogging. So there is a bit of the cart-before-the-horse going on.

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