An unavoidable meme

My MS thesis, “Production resources and socialization in a mathematics lesson,” upgoerfive‘d.

I study the class in school where kids learn about numbers, how to add them and such. In that class, each day, the kids learn by listening to the person in the front of the room, the one who works at the school. I wanted to know more about that person’s way of talking. Here’s what I learned: sometimes the school worker wants to bring up a new idea, and sometimes they want to help the kids explain their own ideas better. In these two parts of the class, the school worker uses different ways of talking. There’s also a third way of talking, bringing together parts of the first two ways, which that person uses when they want to talk about the work that the kids have done – such as, if the kids have drawn a picture (I mean the lines and points that we use to help people understand numbers, not a normal picture) and now the whole class is going to talk about the picture together. That picture is kind of a new idea for the class, but it’s also something the kids made, and they can learn the right way to explain it.

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