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Highlighting and coding (Goodwin 1994) for victims

In my last post I talked about Charles Goodwin’s analysis of the Rodney King trial, in which he argues that the police’s “professional vision” allows them to present a “structure[d] interpretation” of instances of alleged police brutality that basically shows

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Professionals and businessmen

Reading: Charles Goodwin, “Professional Vision.” Goodwin is discussing the police expert testimony at the Rodney King trial. He’s talking about the police sergeant who provided a police perspective on the video evidence of the beating: In so far as the

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I’ve been Garfinkeled

In class on Friday, we were challenged to try out a breaching experiment in the Harold Garfinkel style: to respond to someone in a social setting in an unexpected way, and see how they react. (The professor’s example was the

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What are we teaching?

Reading: Byrnes et al. (2006). “Taking text to task: Issues and choices in curriculum construction.” Outside of grad school, I work at the Center for Applied Linguistics as a test developer on a test of academic English for English learners

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Education professionals, education institutions

Reading: Sarangi and Roberts (1999). Talk, work, and institutional order: Discourse in medical, mediation, and management settings. I follow Parents Across America on Twitter to keep my righteous indignation going about the corporate education reform movement. The other day they

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I <3 auto-antonyms

Submitted to Stan Carey’s limerick contest: Auto-antonyms, sanction I must: When I dust, I may add or take dust! “Yeah, right!”’s your impression, But this begs the question, And leaves me now feeling nonplussed. I have always loved them, but

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Chomsky vs. Halliday

Reading: Hermann Parret’s interview with Michael Halliday, 1974 —– The other day I had this exchange on Twitter: NemaVeze (i.e., me): It’s the first week of the semester. Once again, all my professors are talking about why Chomsky is wrong.

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